Laurier Natural Antibac Cool 0.1 22.5cm. 14 pcs. Product Details Laurier Natural Anti Bac 0.1 cm Suitable Length with 22.5 cm. Essential Sensation of Healthy Clean Feeling with Natural Essence o Anti Bac Plus Sheet with Natural Essence, reduce bacteria accumulation o Good Absorb, No wet feeling., dry comfort from wet feeling which cause bacteria growth oWonder cool sheet, lock unplesant odor effectively with refreshing scented Bring you healthy and active life as you wish. Feel Dry-comfort as if changing new pad whole day even in hot weather Place of Origin Japan Directions 1. Open the indivudual pack. Peel backing paper and paste adhesive tape along the panty line. 2. Fold wings part along panty line. Ingredients Tissue, Individual Film, Non Woven, Polymer, Back Sheet, Hot Melt, Release Paper, Antibacterial tissue, Fragrance, Tab Tape

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