Laurier Soft Safe Slim Wing 4's, 16's Product Details Laurier Soft&Safe Slim Wing.Normal-Heavy Flow Day / Soft Surface. Comfortably soft, Protect all day long. Japan latest innovation for better feeling in period day. Power Square Surface, Deliver better absorption, absorb even blood clot. X2 times faster* Worry-free on your leakage. x5 times drier* Protect all day, comportably dry, no stickness. Quick Lock System, Instantly absorb and lock away wetness with Wonder Gel. No backflow. Place of Origin Thailand Directions Remove paper backing on the sanitary napkin, and press the sticky strip firmly onto your underwear. Peel off paper backing under the wings and wrap them around the underside of your underwear. Ingredients Fluff Pulp, Individal Film, Non Woven, Tissue, Hot Melt, Back Sheet, Polymer, Tab Tape

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