Brand Wolfox Products Name Sports Bra (Net Lines) Sports bra exercise seamless fabric flexibility with a mixture of fiber, nylon and 94% spandex fiber 6%. So it feels comfortable wearing. Keep meat and fat under the arms is tucked support sponge raise fitting of all proportion. Let’s have a bust Confidence in shape Exposure to natural breasts Activities for all both sport, fitness, yoga or going to bed. Benefit - Wear comfortable in the wireless frame - The Brasserie is suitable for exercise - A sponge slot Removable washable - The front room is well ventilated damp - Keep up the rear and sides well - Comfortable easy to wear while sleeping Size Chart Size S : Bust 32-34 inches Size M : Bust 34-36 inches Size L : Bust 36-38 inches How to care - Hand wash - Do not iron - Do not use bleach - Do not spin with a washing machine

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