MARC JACOBS LOLA Marc Jacobs Lola 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Soft and attractive aroma Marc Jacobs Lola went on sale in 2009 and has already created a furor among lovers of fine perfumes. Flirtation and coquetry fragrance designed with all modern and confident girls, to whom it is very difficult to resist and are very difficult to win. Marc Jacobs Lola is dedicated to those who are not afraid to change and is not afraid to play. Marc Jacobs Lola is even more self-confident, passionate and sensual perfume than Marc Jacobs Daisy. Most modest and Lola turns in this temptress and rock beauties, and most independent and rebellious - in fragile and lovely creatures. Marc Jacobs Lola - a bright and burning mix Variety style and daring and seductive gypsy outfits. Fragrance naive in the notes of rose, vanilla, grapefruit and pear, with playful and flirtatious, thanks chord pink pepper. For all these amazing notes flowing exciting trail of tonka bean and spices sensual musk. naughty and flirty, delicate floral bouquet, charming and seductive. Intoxicating maelstrom that envelops the skin fragrance of flowers with pink peony in the central note. Lola sparkling fruit flavor and pink pepper in top notes, complemented by a delicious pear and bright red grapefruit. Ultra-feminine heart of the fragrance reveals peony, with a delicate touch of rose and geranium . Flex - creates a warm and attractive aura enveloping notes of vanilla, tonka and musk. This feminine scent will draw you into a beautiful dance floral scents create a cozy atmosphere and envelops its insouciance and tenderness. Aromas of pear and grapefruit will enchant your lover, surprise it smells of peony and rose. A fragrance give the image of sensuality and create a romantic atmosphere. Delicate purple bottle gives sensual fragrance.

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