Laurier Soft Safe 30 cm. 8's Night Wing Product Details (Slim) Heavy Flow Night - Superior protection, confident, no worry about leakage. Latest Innovation from Japan, with NEW Block core innovation. More absorb at 150%. More comfortably dry. Absorbent core fit to body. Confidently prevent leakage. Feel free from all worries in all sleep posture and “Power Square Surface” that provide 2X times faster absorption and 5X times drier. Together with power square surface which increase absorption power. Absorb even blood clot, comforably dry, no back flow. Together with backguard wide to 16 cm. and triple lock to prevent back leakage Directions 1. Open the indivudual pack. Peel backing paper and paste adhesive tape along the panty line. 2. Fold wings part along panty line. Ingredients Fluff Pulp, Non Woven, Back Sheet, Individual Film, Hot Melt, Tissue, Release Paper, Polymer, Tap Tape

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