Goody Women'S Sport Refl Glxy Forever 3'S Product Details Goody Women'S Sport Refl Glxy Forever Goody's innovative Ouchless Forever elastic is reinforced with a 16-strand inner core that always maintains its original shape and bounces after each use. Now designed for fine hair 3-pack long lasting hair ties - last 3x longer Use hair rubber bands for ponytails, braids, updos and other styles No damage hair ties won't break or damage hair Stretch ponytail holders won't come loose or pull out hair No slip grip hair ties great for securing long-lasting hair styles Also available in no crease hair ties About this item Holds like new every time 3X Longer Life 16 strand inner core for a more durable and comfortable hold. Snug fit Place of Origin China Directions for hair tie. Ingredients N/A

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