DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS DKNY Golden Delicious 100ml. Eau De Parfum - While in most cases perfumes Donna Karan Be Delicious because of the shape of the vial makes us "apple" association, DKNY Golden Delicious stands out - it can be called a royal apple. By the way, the packaging design - original design decision of the Laird & Partners house. And it is no coincidence! Each flavor Fashion House is one of the central roles assigned to various gourmet accents that brings the delicious perfume varnish temptation. Treat yourself to an elegant and aristocratic elixir known as DKNY Golden Delicious. It is a unique piece of art of perfumery, clearly stands out from the rest of flavors. Aroma saturated sensuality as none of the previous "apples" from DKNY. Elixir is a storm of emotions in contact with the skin, it is gentle and passionate, unique and alluring. Bewitching DKNY Golden Delicious is designed specifically for a particularly sensual and sexy women. Golden Delicious apple can be called a royal family Delicious, able to satisfy the highest demands. luxurious fragrance Golden Delicious implies beckoning and envelops warmth. Date fragrance: floral, woody, musky fragrance Top note: orange blossom, red apple, plum note "Hearts": rose, lily, orchid, white lily Base notes: Teak wood, sandalwood, musk. DKNY Golden Delicious is an elegant, enticing, sensual and warm fragrance for women. The dazzling modernity contrasts with sparkling floral notes and wood. Golden Delicious celebrates luxury and amazing taste of juicy yellow apple. The actual beginning scent DKNY Golden Delicious include delicate chords of juicy apples, magic flowers orange and sweet plums. Then subtle aromas of rose, orchid seductive, playful heady lily and lily of the valley. Finally, sensual fragrance enhanced by musk pure and mysterious tones of wood. Excellent women's perfume from DKNY can wear them all day. Ladies Golden Delicious fragrance from DKNY is designed for modern and dynamic women who can cope with the lively city life and love to draw energy and inspiration in nature.

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