Claryna Shower Filter 1 Pcs. Product Details Claryna Shower Filter Your first step to healthier skin and hair. It immediately rejuvenates skin and hair by filtering impurities and harmful chemicals that come with water. Easy to install, fits most standard showerheads and faucets. It is the perfect addition to your daily shower routine. With the efficiency of this filter It can help filter sediment, rust, heavy metal substances, residues and various impurities that come with tap water well. The 5 micron filter can filter water at 5-40 degrees Celsius, it is easy to install, portable size, and works with a wide variety of showerheads. Can be used on body, face, hair, and baby skin. Beautiful skin, beautiful hair, starting with clean water Products that help reduce the causes of damaged skin, damaged hair, redness, acne on the face and back. Easy to install and can be used with a variety of shower types. Small size, easy to carry Place of Origin China Directions 1. Screw the showerhead to remove the shower hose 2. Screw the shower filter with the showerhead on one side and shower hose on the other Ingredients PP Filter,Sediment Filter 5 microns,Remove sediment,Remove rust,Remove heavy metal,Remove suspended particles,Remove colloids particles Warnings This shower filter should NOT be installec for drirking water.

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