BURBERRY BABY TOUCH Burberry Baby Touch for Women 100ml. EDT is a light and delicate eau de toilette for mothers and children. Baby Touch mimics children's touch and smell of children, is suitable for children or mothers with young children. They can also use it for example for carers, educators, teachers, the scent is non-aggressive, light, and therefore pleasant for children. Burberry Baby Touch contains fragrance from rhubarb, orange peel, mandarin, warm potato tones, orange blossom, lily of the valley and jasmine. The overall soothing scent is ensured by soft moss, sweet vanilla and milk. This cute Baby Touch scent is wrapped in a fancy rocking bottle with a sheep that does not have a flat bottom but round. It's like a comforting swing of a child. Baby Touch is a unisex fragrance, suitable for girls and boys. Perfume composition is so harmonious and airy that it sometimes resembles a cool summer breeze, which is pleasantly refreshing on hot days. First, a playful whirlwind emerges from the vial, in which notes of citrus, fresh accent of mint and daring rhubarb are felt. After a while, a more affectionate "heart" is revealed, in which a lily of the valley with jasmine and an orange tree flower are found. And at the end there is a calming trail, composed of notes of vanilla, milk and wood moss. That's such an amazing sound - quite in a provocative childish character! The fragrance is presented in a transparent glass bottle, which has a rounded bottom to evoke associations with toys-"tumblers". Bubble represents all the airiness and lightness of tender contents.

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