AloEx Hair Regrowth Serum 120ml Product Details AloEx Hair Regrowth Serum 50 ml ,AloEx formula prioritizes the recovery of scalp and hair root function to gain their normal condition with food sources extracted from plants such as seed extracts, root extracts and over 40 other extracts. essential for your hair roots to stimulate new hair growth and reduce scalp aging.Free from unnecessary fragrances and additives such as purgatives used in ordinary shampoos; also contains no preservatives or alcohol. Stimulate the circulatory system in the scalp to flow better. Blood therefore brings food and vitamins to nourish the hair thoroughly and sufficiently. Add vitamins and protein to hair roots. I am so strong throughout the line. Does not fall off easily and is soft and healthy with weight. Place of Origin Thailand Directions Spray the serum directly to your scalp and leave the serum to dry. Use at least 2-3 times per day or as desired. Do not rinse. Ingredients Clitoria ternatea Linn extract,Aloe vera extract,Sapindus rarak A.DC extract, Bamboo extract and Kiffie lime leaf extract

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